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Design a purposeful life with meaningful work.

Your LifeWork Success Portfolio gives you a picture of who you are in succinct documents showing your strengths, values, skills, interests, vision, and accomplishments. Fill your portfolio with assessments and worksheets that give you the background for sharing your career story. Contact Nancy to learn more.

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LifeWork Success Planner

LifeWork Success Portfolio

Simplify Your Next Transition Artists and creatives are often expected to have a professional well-organized portfolio. Yet many employees, job seekers, entrepreneurs, and students have never considered taking the time to bring their accomplishments and work history together into an attractive portfolio format. As time seems to speed up and transitions are the norm, anContinue reading “LifeWork Success Portfolio”

LifeWork Success Planner

Your LIfeWork Success Planner will help you stay always employable and ready for your next transition as you fill in the information you will need for choosing work you want to do, creating your resume, and planning your job search. Add your planner with your Portfolio documents to your LifeWork Success Portfolio. Your transitions willContinue reading “LifeWork Success Planner”

Portfolio About Me

The About Me Section of your LifeWork Success Portfolio The “About Me” section of your portfolio is where you describe yourself. You will have a collection of worksheets and summaries that will, in black and white, layout your personal assets that you take from one transition to the next. Having words to describe yourself willContinue reading “Portfolio About Me”

Portfolio Strengths: Vegetable Personality Styles

The first step to creating your profile or your brand statement is to know your strengths. There are many assessments free and paid for assessing your strengths. You can download use the simple Vegetable Personality Style™ Assessment below to find words for describing your strengths to add to your LifeWork Success Planner where you willContinue reading “Portfolio Strengths: Vegetable Personality Styles”


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