Job Search Strategies for Finding Meaningful Work

You Don’t Need a Plow to Begin Leveling the Playing Field: You Need Specific Job Search Strategies to Create Your Own Success.

Employers are human with all the intricacies, experiences, values, experiences, and prejudices that come with it. Richard Bolles describes prejudice as a phantom handicap employers have. “A prejudice is a phantom handicap. It may raise its ugly head in one particular interview or more, but if you keep on going and find the right employer, the so-called handicap vanishes.” He also explains that we don’t need to share that prejudice about ourselves. 

What can we do?

  • Maintain strong connections
  • Build a team of supportive people
  • Find your spark with Skills You Want to Use
  • Show a healthy happy disposition
  • Have a portfolio of documents, information, inspiration, pictures, and worksheets that tell your career story in living color.

Creating connections with like-minded people, interesting people and companies that share your values as well as practicing and learning skills you want to use will keep you employable in a competitive and changing world of work. Match your skills with companies that share your values. If your skills don’t line up, then determine if it is worth your time and expense to learn those skills.

Download your LifeWork Success Planner if you haven’t already. When you are ready for your job search, and you have filled your portfolio with your strengths, values, and skills words, then fill out the Job Search Strategies Section of your LifeWork Success Planner.

Next, in the Job Search Tools section of your LifeWork Success Portfolio, you will find resume and cover letter examples along with suggestions for job search tools you will want for this section of your portfolio.

Contact Nancy if you have questions, comments, or need assistance creating your LifeWork Success Portfolio. You can visit her website at: and you are welcome to join the Success Unlimited Career Network Facebook Group. Let us know you found me here when you request to join.

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