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Artists and creatives are often expected to have a professional well-organized portfolio. Yet many employees, job seekers, entrepreneurs, and students have never considered taking the time to bring their accomplishments and work history together into an attractive portfolio format. As time seems to speed up and transitions are the norm, an organized portfolio prepares you for fluctuations in the economy and new opportunities.

Begin with a personal portfolio with all of your documents, strengths, interests, and accomplishments in one place. You will stand out from the crowd when you are able to describe yourself using the words of your natural strengths; you will come across as confident, trustworthy, and competent. Your portfolio will guide you to the work you want to do, as you clearly see your values and the skills you want to use. You can review your portfolio to see where you want more experience, training, or more connections to build support and opportunities. Then you can create a professional portfolio to take to an interview or an online portfolio to share on social media.

Portfolio Organization

Arrange your portfolio sections based on where you are in your career or education. For example, if you are a job search veteran with an immediate need for work, you will move your Job Search Tools section to the front of your portfolio. If you are learning your strengths, transitioning, or preparing for the future, you will want your About Me section at the front of your portfolio. Use the LifeWork Success Planner for keeping your concise career information in one place.

The purpose of your portfolio is to gather personal and career information, job search tools, plans, and goals in one place. You can use a binder, ePortfolio, or other organizational tools. if you need a portfolio to take to an employer, you will want to choose the most relevant information from your portfolio to put in a separate professional presentation, binder, or folder. Use the method most appropriate for your field of interest. Grow your portfolio and adapt it to your career transformations. Be creative, make your portfolio yours, and use the section titles that work best for you. Here are some examples.

Portfolio Sections

In each section you will find an array of worksheets and assessments that will give you a vocabulary for saying who you are and what you want as you find opportunities for doing meaningful work. Follow each link as you build your portfolio for staying always employable.

About Me section will help you fill out the first page of your LifeWork Success Planner and write a short profile.

Career Management section will lay out your goals and help keep you on track with planners.

Job Search Strategies help you outline your job search as you find opportunities for meaningful work.

Job Search Tools section with downloadable templates and examples for creating your resume, cover letter, and thank you letter. In this section of your portfolio, include documents and pictures that show your accomplishments.

Community Involvement section where you will want documents or examples of creating community through activities, mentoring, and building support systems.

Click on Portfolio About Me to find assessments and worksheets for helping you describe you strengths, values, skills, interests, vision, and write your profile.

Career self-management gives you more freedom, more options, and more responsibility. Your portfolio is a tool for managing your career, documenting your successes, and tracking your goals. Click Career Management to find worksheets and planners.

Use your LifeWork Success Planner and create Job Search Strategies to document and stay on track with your job search.

Your job search tools are portable documents you have at your fingertips, including your master resume, draft cover letter, certifications, awards, and projects. Find templates and examples in your Job Search Tools.

Community Involvement gives you an opportunity to give back, use your passions and creativity, build Skills You Want to Use, make important connections, through travel, culture, volunteer, etc.

Contact Nancy if you have questions, comments, or need assistance creating your LifeWork Success Portfolio. You can visit her website at: and you are welcome to join the Success Unlimited Career Network Facebook Group. Let us know you found me here when you request to join.

Want more information, resources, and ideas for creating a fired up portfolio and profile? Take a look at my book, Fire Up Your Profile For LifeWork Success on

 “Fire Up Your Profile” is an excellent resource for managing your career. It gives you the tools to lay out your path to career success by knowing your strenghts and passions which will open up new opportunities for you.

Ernie J. Zelinski
International Best-Selling Author

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